Borderlands 2 Patched For PC, Shows Love To High-End Gaming Rigs

Gearbox Software released patch v1.1.3 yesterday for PC and it includes a number of minor and major changes (depending on your setup), with the most notable being a change to the way textures stream-in: Gearbox removed the consolitis texture pop-in that most games ported from consoles suffer from this gen.

The update for v1.1.3 is listed on the official support thread for Borderlands 2 and the two fixes are mainly for a saved game bug for “read-only” saves as well as performance issue for the Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty with PhysX settings on medium or high. Other than that the rest are all superfluous changes that will just enhance the gaming experience, such as the ability to reset challenge progress. As stated on the forum...

Added the ability to reset all challenge progress for a character once they've completed 85% of all non-DLC, non-area-specific challenge levels. This will keep the player's current challenge bonuses and rank, but reset all challenge progress to 0 and allow challenges to be re-completed for additional ranks and bonuses. Resetting is available on the "challenges" screen of the status menu and will display as a tooltip at the bottom of the screen if the player has met the criteria.

The other update includes the added option to toggle whether textures should fade or pop-in. As many of you PC gamers out there know, many console titles have texture pop-in as opposed to texture fade. The pop-in is easier on the memory allocation and Gearbox has added the option so gamers with high-end rigs can disable pop-in so that you never have to look at ugly, low-res textures streaming onto your screen as you play. Good guy Gearbox.

You can check out other changes over at the official support thread. The company plans to release additional DLC that will include an increase in the level-cap and new character classes as well. I can't wait to see what the new classes look like.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.