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Sony is backing up the bargain truck, offering loads of discounts for PlayStation Plus subscribers in the coming weeks. Oh, and they're also adding Borderlands to the instant game collection. That's pretty cool, too.

On Aug. 28 (So, like, tomorrow.), PlayStation Plusers will have access to deep discounts on three titles, including Lights, Camera, Party!, Space Channel 5: Part 2, and Spelunker HD.

You may not be familiar with Lights, Camera, Party! because the game hasn't even come out yet. It's a downloadable mini-game compilation for the PlayStation Move that lets everyone get in on the action with just a single PS Waggle Wand. The launch price is $29.99, but PS Plus gets it at a discounted $15.

Space Chanel 5: Part 2 will be 40 percent off starting tomorrow, so you can pick up the classic rhythm game from the Dreamcast era for just $2.99.

Finally, Spelunker HD will drop by 50 percent for PS Plus, making it $5 to dig into. New DLC offering additional stages and treasure to unearth will also be made available for about a buck a pop.

The big news, though, is that PlayStation Plus will be getting Borderlands come Sept. 4. Just in time to prepare for the sequel, this massive first-person shooter will be available for free, along with a 50 percent discount on all related DLC.

Sept. 24 will also bring some additional discounts, including daytona USA for 40 percent off ($2.99) and the turn-based strategy game, Greed Corp, for 50 percent off ($2.50).

You can get more info on all of these titles on the PlayStation Blog. Or, for these prices, you could always just take a cheap gamble or two and hope for the best.

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