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Though Pandora is a harsh and unforgiving world, its residents do get opportunities to cut loose. A new screenshot from Borderlands downloadable content The Secret Armory of General Knoxx shows festivities at a place called T-Bone Junction.

It's a sort of crappy quality picture, to be honest. I guess Gearbox is going for that "leaked" look. Many brave Bothans died to get us this shot, etc. It was released through their new GeneralKnoxx Twitter account.

Bad quality or not, the shot clearly shows some sort of urban environment with a colorful "T-Bone Junction" sign. There weren't many settlements in Borderlands so any efforts to populate the game world by Gearbox are appreciated. The whole planet can't be one building towns, after all.

Knoxx is the third piece of downloadable content for Borderlands. No release date or price has been announced yet.

Update: Added a second screenshot that Gearbox released later in the day.

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