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The Brigade 2 Engine enables for the highest quality, next-to-photorealistic graphics thanks to its path tracing capabilities. Unlike other engine demos that focus their capabilities on still images or simple rotary spins of the camera, instead this video shows real-time movement and interaction with the environment.

Now look, I'll be the first to admit that engine videos are usually all techy and not very relatable in the sense that you're sitting there wondering “What the heck is this about and how will they use this in a real-time gaming environment?”

The Brigade 2 Engine path tracing video showcases a relatable game world and a protagonist you could potentially play and how players could interact with that world. Check it out in the video below, captured via a stream because the guy's laptop was too weak to showcase the engine in real-time.

One thing worth noting is that the entire demo was actually streamed from the cloud. Yes, the cloud. If you had the pleasure of being at SIGGRAPH, OTOY provided a cloud service for post processing where Brigade was running at 1280x720 resolution at 60 fps. Quite impressive.

The screenshots of the actual demo (not the one with the pervy-quality screen capture) were also apprehended by a few smart marks and found their way online thanks to developer Sam Lapere's blog [via DSO Gaming].

Now I don't quite share DSO's enthusiasm for this engine quite yet. We've seen a couple of tech demos from a couple of different players all touting “ray trace this” and “path trace that” but they're all conceptual demos with no real-time application just yet. I'm also still wondering if Euclideon will ever get off the ground?

For now you can check out a few screenshots below and we'll keep you posted if anything ever comes out of the Brigade 2 Engine.

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