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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will have zombies. A leaked video currently making the rounds shows exoskeleton-wearing soldiers battling hordes of infected.

Advanced Warfare's zombie mode trailer keeps popping up on YouTube and other places before getting taken down by Activision. The embed below will probably have the same fate. If you miss it before it's taken down, here's what happens:

The trailer starts with the player running through a base overrun by zombies. He's out of ammo and badly outnumbered. Before they can run him down in the courtyard, though, he's rescued by a friendly aircraft.

These aren't your average zombies. They're able to leap high enough to reach the VTOL as flies away. It's unclear right now whether their Matrix-like jumping abilities are due to their infection. It's also possible they're wearing the same advanced exoskeleton as the player.

A soldier onboard the craft guns down the zombies trying to attack and turns his attention to you. He asks if you've been bit and then mentions that "there isn't many of us left." Before you can correct his grammar, a zombie clinging to the bottom of the VTOL yanks him out.

The trailer probably has enough polish to convince you of its authenticity. However, just in case you think this is all some farfetched hoax, here's confirmation that it's legit from Sledgehammer co-founder Glen Schofield:
Zombies have become an irregular tradition in Call of Duty. World at War, Black Ops and Black Ops 2 each had zombie co-op maps. Players teamed up to fight off waves of undead and earned money for upgrades along the way. Black Ops 2 took things a step further by introducing a new mode in which two teams tried to outlast each other during the zombie apocalypse.

I was pretty tired of the zombie mode by the time Black Ops 2 rolled around. Maybe Advanced Warfare can breathe some new life into it, though. The introduction of exoskeletons and leaping undead will help set this game's zombie mode apart. If nothing else, the newly mobile zombies will kill the popular "run around in circles and shoot the herd trailing you" strategy.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will launch worldwide on November 4th. In other words, Sledgehammer Games was just a few days away from surprising us with this mode. Man, is there anything the Internet can't spoil?

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