Today begins the first weekend since Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's launch. Treyarch is hosting a double XP event on the game's multiplayer modes so players can rack up some easy prestige levels.

As the official COD Twitter account notes, you'll need to have Nuketown 2025 installed on your hard drive in order to have your XP gains doubled. Nuketown 2025 is a futuristic update of the popular Nuketown map from the original Black Ops. A download code for the map was given to all pre-order customers.

Although you need Nuketown 2025 installed in order to receive double XP, you don't need to necessarily be playing on Nuketown 2025. The event is in effect for all playlists in multiplayer. Another important thing to note is that the bonus points won't be applied until the end of the match. That should cut down on the rage-quitting this weekend - or at least some of it.

Some Twitter users are complaining that they're not getting bonus XP yet. It's possible that the exact launch time varies based on territory. No matter when the double XP event starts, though, you'll have until Sunday to prestige-whore your way to glory.

Black Ops 2 launched worldwide on Tuesday. The game earned over $500 million on that day so expect a lot of other players to be taking part in this weekend event.

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