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Call of Duty has dominated the first-person shooter market for over 12 years with plenty of spin-off games and oodles of fan-friendly merchandise. With the release of their twelfth installment in the series, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Treyarch introduced players to a much more intense world where the zombies are even fiercer. Now with the holidays nearing, Treyarch announced a new DLC pack for Black Ops 3 set to release early next year. According to VG247, the new DLC pack, titled Awakening, will be released February 2 for Playstation, a month ahead of the PC and Xbox release. Talk about having the upper hand. The pack will include the maps Rise, Splash, Skyjacked and The Gauntlet.

The new DLC is going to be centered around the maps with a differing level of craft and creativity poured into each individual location. The design of each map will enhance the combat style present in Call of Duty. As an example of this different approach to Call of Duty level design, The Gauntlet depicts a military base with three paths that take players in three drastically different environments including a jungle, a rainy city and an arctic climate.

One other map from the DLC pack, known as Splash, is something a little different than the standard decrepit Call Of Duty map. Instead, Splash is taken from a child’s perspective and is decorated in vibrant colors of blue, red and yellow and is set in a desolate water park. Okay, so the location is still totally abandoned like most every other map in Call of Duty, but it’s a waterpark that will actually allow opportunities for underwater combat.

Check out a preview below:

Get ready to battle more zombies! Awakening will introduce “Episode 4: Der Eisendrache”, which also is the first chapter in a new adventure in the zombies universe that will unfold with each DLC release. The new story stars Richtofen, Nicolai, Takeo, and Dempsey as they journey through a medieval castle in a WWII-themed setting.

Unfortunately, the DLC will be next-gen only and will not be released for the earlier platforms, PS3 or Xbox 360. The DLC pack will be released for PlayStation on February 2 of next year with Xbox One and PC following shortly after.