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If you’re the kind of gamer that really can’t just beat the game with your own wit and thumb-tastic skills, then you’re probably the kind of gamer who would probably need a guide on how to unlock some hidden goodies tucked away inside of CoD: Black Ops. A new series of walkthroughs have been released to help newbs (and probably noobs) get through Black Ops and unlock a few of the hidden game modes.

The guides come courtesy of GameTrailers’ Wiki Cheats. It explains exactly how to con your way through unlocking the mode, completely and entirely without using your own knowledge, gaming skills or muscled-up thumbs. Well, anyone who needs cheat codes probably doesn’t have muscled-up thumbs…hence, the reason why they cheat.

You can check out the vids below…cheaters!

And in case you didn’t know, Call of Duty: Black Ops is currently available. So there, now you know.

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