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You still have that flame-proof jockstrap? Well, you might want to re-equip it because it’s about to get hot in here. In a developer insight video Sledgehammer Games, one of the three studios who worked on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, stated that they were working on a third-person version of CoD and that it would be like the Uncharted series, except it would be part of a world class franchise. Is that built-in intercooler kicking in yet on that flame-proof jockstrap?

The million dollar (or in Activision’s case, billion dollar) quote comes from a special video highlight from GameSpot [via VG24/7], with Sledgehammer’s Michael Condrey talking about their third-person shooter rendition of Call of Duty, saying…
It was pretty exciting, I mean the idea of the sort of global appeal of Call of Duty meets sort of the third-person genre for the first time. And there are a lot of fans out there who enjoy games like Uncharted, right? So you can imagine that genre meets a world-class franchise.

Ouch…ouch. Man, I didn’t know one of the most cinematic, graphically influential games out there wasn’t world class. I guess he means it doesn’t make a billion dollars per outing in a few weeks time? But let’s be honest, not even the games Mario, Sonic or Master Chief are attached to can say the same and is there any video game icon more known around the world right now than Mario, Sonic or Master Chief? Seriously, does that mean the games these icons are attached to aren’t world class, either?

I suppose maybe it was just a poor choice of words on Condrey’s part because it comes across as a bit of a diss on Naughty Dog’s award-winning action-platformer, Uncharted. I mean, I could literally watch someone play Uncharted 3 from start to finish and still manage to stay on the edge of my seat the entire way through...although, I can't say the same about any first-person shooting game, much less any Call of Duty game.

Don’t be surprised if that “third-person Call of Duty” will eventually see the light of day as a mid-year release in between the release of Treyarch’s upcoming Call of Duty outing and whatever new DLC the game will have a few months after it hits store shelves.

And don’t forget to keep that flame-proof jockstrap equipped in the comments section below, the flames still seem to be pretty hot.