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Call Of Duty Ghosts TV Ad Features Megan Fox From Transformers

I don't know how Activision does it, but I imagine when The Kotick clicks his heels and snaps his fingers money flows like a torrent from his mouth and media specialists with glowing skin and non-negotiable contracts appear from thin air and make anything possible... such as getting Megan Fox to appear in a promo ad for Call of Duty. And no, this isn't the Megan Fox from Hot Tin Roof but the Megan Fox that called Michael Bay “Hitler”... 'cause she's classy like that.

VG 24/7 spotted the latest trailer for Activision and Infinity Ward's latest entry in the billion dollar shooter franchise. And the trailer doesn't hold back anything in showcasing all the ridiculous amounts of fun a Wolfpack clan could have in an aesthetically destroyed Las Vegas, the vast vacuum of space (confined to 16 players, of course) and the wintry tundra of a society-forsaken wasteland.

Amid all the chaos, fun, bullets and explosions there's a brief glimpse where our four heroes, outrunning enemies and blasting holes through walls with the M36 grenade launcher – even though Call of Duty: Ghosts sports about as much player-triggered environmental destruction as a Greenpeace Rally – where the two post-college yuppies, the neckbeard and the basement dweller happen upon a strikingly screen-stealing Megan Fox.

The model-turned-actress-turned-every-guy's-wet-dream doesn't take up a lot of time on the screen, but manages to get hit on by the little dude while she pouts and smokes up the screen with more heat than a RROD'ed Xbox 360.

I don't know what sort of magic Kotick's ethereal marketers possess to get the likes of Fox in a Call of Duty ad that isn't surrounded by other high-profile celebrities (ala the Sam Worthington, Jonah Hill buddy-up trailer) but it works well enough. I mean, it's a little hard not to pay attention when you have the average philosophy of guyism on full display: guns, explosions and hot women.

Anyway, Activision has a long ways to go to catch up to Take-Two Interactive's $1 billion in three-days, due to the infrequent release of Grand Theft Auto games. Call of Duty's previous record was Modern Warfare 3's $1 billion in 16 days. It's hard to imagine if Activision will be able to top that record given the absolutely stiff competition from Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, DICE's Battlefield 4, Take-Two's Grand Theft Auto V and Sony's Killzone: Shadow Fall.

If you're a diehard COD fan you can look to get in on the next-gen fish AI and Riley-the-dog action in Ghosts beginning November 5th. The game will launch later on in November for the Xbox One and PS4, although it will be native 1080p on PS4 and only 720p on the Xbox One... just thought you should know. Need more info? Feel free to pay a visit to the official website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.