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Castlestorm Trailer Battles Orcs, Blows Up Castles

From the makers of Pinball FX2 comes a new strategy game that focuses on physics, fun and destruction. It's like a perfect combination for a good time and a lot of stress relief. To keep gamers informed about the new title Zen Studios released a brand new trailer for the game.

Gaming Blend's own Ryan Winslett is a big fan of the Pinball FX and Zen Pinballseries from Zen Studios, but I don't know if the step away from billiard room games and light-up tables will be his cup of tea.

As highlighted in the trailer from Electronic Theatre, Castlestorm focuses on giving players plenty of ways to defend their own castle while using measures to take down the castle of their opponent. The most impressive aspect about the game is the physics-based destruction that comes from launching massive cannonballs in uniformed synchrony to tear down the walls and bring your opponents squabbling in front of you, begging for mercy.

The extra survival modes seem as if they could be a real treat as well, combining some elements of Tower Defense with side-scrolling beat 'em up action is a great way to keep the replay values high and intact.

You can look for Castlestorm to launch exclusively for the Xbox 360 via the Live Arcade soon.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.