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Dracula’s blood-soaked legacy is set to continue on Feb. 25 when Konami unleashes Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 upon the masses, bringing back some familiar faces and a star-studded voice cast to bring the story arc’s conclusion to life.

In anticipation of LoS2’s impending launch, now just a month away, Konami Digital Entertainment today released a brand new trailer showing off several of the game’s key characters, including our returning tragic hero, Gabriel Belmont. If you haven’t played the original Lords of Shadow just yet, now would be a good time to stop reading. You’ve been warned.

Gabriel is Dracula! Wasn’t that a crazy twist? In the final chapters of Lords of Shadow (and more specifically in the game’s two pieces of story-related DLC), we discover the unfortunate fate of Gabriel Belmont and, by relation, the entire Belmont clan. Our hero has become one of the monsters he’s sworn to hunt, meaning that Lords of Shadow 2 should offer up some interesting internal struggles for the old warrior.

In today’s newly released trailer, we get a quick glimpse at several members of he Lords of Shadow 2 cast, including Dracula, Alucard, Zobek, Camilla, a new enemy known as the Toymaker and the granddaddy of darkness himself, Satan. Dracula is no longer a member of the Brotherhood of Light, having forsaken his God and his old ways in order to unleash his horrible vengeance on a world that has done him so very, very wrong. He’s not all bad, though, as we see him going toe-to-toe with a number of fellow creatures of the night in the new trailer embedded above.

So what’s Dracula’s motive these days? What’s his end game? Will he ever be able to find peace after so much fighting and bloodshed? How are all of these characters related to one another, as this version of Castlevania deviates so wildly from the source material?

I suppose we’ll all have to wait until Feb. 25 to find out the answers when Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 finally launches for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Until then, here’s a quick look back at the E3 trailer, showing off a bit more of the over-the-top action we can expect from the game.

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