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Both Sony and Microsoft have plans to launch their home consoles from this eighth generation of gaming into mainland China. While the consoles are already available via importers from Hong Kong, there's a much larger market to tap if both companies can reach the more than billion members of the Republic of China with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, respectively. Well, a poll was taken to gauge the average interest of the Chinese gamer in both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One (amongst other devices) and the PS4 came out on top with 57.3% of the vote, with the Xbox One garnering only 11% of the vote.

The poll results comes courtesy of Games in Asia, where the site dedicated to video game culture in the far east rolled out the info that was originally conducted with a sample size of 6665 voters from over on NetEase [via NeoGaf].

Games in Asia provides a translation of the stats, noting that the PlayStation 4 comes out on top, with the Xbox One in second place, the PS Vita/TV in third and 18.7% saying they would rather buy the device of their choice from the gray-market importers.

According to GIA...
“Now, to be fair, this is just an online poll, and its sample is probably not a fair representation of China’s gaming market. The audience could also be biased in favor of the PS4[...]

“But other polls and comment threads on the Chinese web that I’ve come across suggest the same thing: China’s more excited for the PS4 than it is for the Xbox One, even though the PS4 seems to be significantly further from release.”

There's a couple of takeaway points from this: First, many gamers were shocked that the Chinese would show such support for a Japanese-made console over an American product. It does seem like such a far cry from what we're led to believe about the market. Secondly, the results of this poll are absolutely no different than all the other polls leading up to the release of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, with polls conducted by IGN, Amazon, and Green Man Gaming (amongst others) all showing that the PlayStation 4 was more desired over the Xbox One.

When it came time for the consoles to go head-to-head in sales, the market greatly favored the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One. Even up to the most recent NPD results, the PS4 has dominated every single market it's been released in, including the Xbox One's home territory.

The Xbox One, however, will get a leg up on the PlayStation 4 heading into China, as Microsoft has already established a deal with distributor BesTV. The company will ship out 100,000 stock keeping units to be distributed in mainland China beginning this September. Sony, alternatively, has a deal in place with the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Company, as noted by Worlds Factory, which will see the PS4 distributed in China at a later date. Sony has yet to announce how many units they'll initially ship or when.

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