94% Of Gamers Favor PS4 To Xbox One, According To Amazon Poll

[Update: Microsoft confirmed that DRM restrictions have been removed from the Xbox One]

Amazon, one of the largest online marketplaces around is currently running an online poll to see which console gamers like better. With more than a week to go before the poll results end, the PS4 has a startling lead with 94.5% of votes being in favor of the PS4 and only 5.5% being in favor of the Xbox One (at the time of this article's publishing). It's not even like you can blame the SDF or fanboys at this point...everyone, even casuals see the failure that is SOPA in a box.

PlayStation Lifestyle – a site who must be really enjoying all the hits from the Xbox camp abandoning ship and switching sides – managed to catch wind of the unbiased poll from Amazon, who wanted to get a fair shake of things from the gaming community. As the image above shows, there is an amazing cleft of favoritism for one console over the other, and the pre-sales at Amazon also seem to reflect that.

Now, the proper thing to have done in our case was wait a week and then run a story about the poll. However, as noted on PSLS, the poll is constantly sliding in favor towards Sony and the PlayStation 4. Even during the publishing of their own article the results continued to slide a notch away from the Xbox One. In seven days' time I imagine it will be between 97% and 99% in favor of the PlayStation 4 unless Microsoft can get those marketers to sway the results.

It's not surprising in the least bit. Anyone who keeps track of what's happening in the game circuit knows what's what. Sony is all pro-consumer with the PlayStation 4 while the Xbox One is all anti-consumer with blocks, DRM, Kinect and 24 hour mandatory check-ins. That's not to mention the restricted region launches and the inability to use an Xbox One outside of its designated region. So much for taking The One with you if you decide to travel outside the country.

You can participate in the poll right now, and we'll definitely toss something up when it finally ends, but it's not looking too good for Xbox 1(984), also known as DRM: The Box. Find out more over on the official Amazon Facebook page.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.