PS4 Takes 75% Of The Vote In Worldwide Voting Poll

If Polar, Green Man Gaming, IGN, Kotaku, Twitter or Amazon's poll came across as fixed or influenced by the amassing waves of pro-Sony supporters and PS4 fanboys the world around, perhaps a non-biased, non-affiliated, non-partisan system could be used to gauge consumer interest between the PS4 and XB1? Welcome to

While you make yourself acquainted with the site that has garnered an amazing 17,000 followers on Facebook, 3,100 tweets on Twitter and nearly half-a-thousand subscribers on Google Plus, this site reaffirms what most people with common sense have already suspected: The PS4 is rinsing the Xbox brand from the blood stream of consumers and doing so the world around.

DualShockers caught wind of the event, in which they roll out the top rankings to see who is voting for what, and with nearly 80,000 votes tallied (as of the writing of this article), the PS4 stands with 75.88% of the vote over the Xbox One. It's rather embarrassing if I must say so myself.

In the global results -- which you can view in the oh-so-pretty image below -- you can see that every country the world around has a mass amount of support for the PlayStation 4. It's not even like it's some straggling fanboys from Reddit, a NeoGaf movement or Gamefaqs and 4Chan on a troll patrol. Besides, there are no trolls in Switzerland, they're too busy knocking up supermodels and owning the slopes on the snowy mountaintops... they don't have time to troll. Believe it.

Out of them all, it looks like France is the most forgiving towards the Xbox One, with the highest amount of support out of any of the other countries, mounting 24% of the vote in favor of the Xbox 180. Then again, this is the same country that is always throwing up a white flag during big historic battles and they even managed to lose a war against themselves. It's probably wise not to take that 24% to heart.

Now, some people feel like there is an unnecessary amount of hate being generated toward the Xbox One now that it's become the Xbox 180 and Microsoft gave Major Nelson the go-ahead to flip the DRM switch like the “flip switcher” that he is.

However, I think Jim Sterling summed it up best when he said that the Xbox One and its policies were like Freddy Krueger trying to give you a handjob using his knife hand. Now, even with a reversal in procedure and the slice and dice hand replaced with the burnt crusty hand, you have to understand that they're still wearing the skin-cutting glove, holding it behind their back, and they can tear into your meaty consumer rights at a moment's notice. Personally, I hate the idea that your system and your rights are being held hostage by Freddy Krueger.

Some people don't mind throwing down $500 for a console where the company can turn on their DRM security measures when they feel they're in a position to do so, but other people seem to be taking a much more realistic and measured approach to the matter to wait and see what happens: for some consumers it's a matter of principle and not necessarily preference.

For now it looks like the PlayStation 4 will cleanly walk away the victor in yet another poll. This adds to the system's already illustrious pre-order standings across the globe on Amazon, in which the only time the Xbox One manages to outsell the thing is when the vendor runs out of pre-order stock. Nice.

Both the Xbox 180 and PlayStation 4 are set for release this fall. With the official console war still a ways off from fully commencing, it looks like the good times will keep on rolling right up until (and probably through) the launch day explosions.

You can cast your vote for the console of your choice over on Xbox One Vs PS4.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.