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Codemasters Announces Overlord Sequel

Codemasters has finally announced the sequel to last year’s surprisingly fun, if a little rough at times, Overlord. The game had a lot of people talking who actually played, and while it sold well I always felt like I had to explain to my gamer friends exactly what it was. Eventually they’d play and tell me that it was indeed fun times to send your Minions out to do your bidding.

Overlord II is now in development at Triumph Studios for release in 2009. According to the press release the main character of the first game was ”delightfully despotic.” I like whimsically tyrannical myself. This time around you’ll play during the rise of the Roman Empire…or uh the Glorious Empire. The main gameplay element, the Minions, return just as before. They can attack enemies, move boulders, get items for their master. But now they can also ride. Wolves. Minions on wolves, come on how is that not the first bullet point on the back of the box?

The franchise is also expanding with Overlord Dark Legend and Overlord Minions for the Wii and DS respectively. Dark Legend takes place prior to the events of the first game as the player takes on the role of a new young Overlord. And yes, you do get to use the Wii Remote to pick up Minions and toss them around. It’s probably just as funny as midget tossing, but far deadlier for whoever stands within the Minion’s trajectory. Minions is a puzzle action game featuring an elite crew of Minions. Other than having names, I’m not sure what makes them “elite.” You’ll get to meet Giblet, Blaze, Stench, and Zap in 2009.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.