You may get to try out Counter-Strike: Global Offensive real soon. Valve said this weekend that the beta for the multiplayer shooter is "imminent." In case you're behind on your SAT verbal studying, that means "near."

"With the imminent release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta, we were curious; will you try CS:GO?" said Valve at the end of a post on the Left 4 Dead website.

Global Offensive is a next-gen update of the popular Half-Life mod Counter-Strike. Teams of terrorists and counter-terrorists face off in objective-based matches. The two original modes involved hostage rescue and the planting/defusal of a bomb. CS: GO will add new modes, maps and weapons in addition to updating the original selection.

Valve previously stated that they'll be taking things slow with the beta. They're going to start with 10,000 players and then gradually inviting more and more people. At first, only one or two maps will be available for testing.

CS:GO was originally expected in early 2012. Their decision to slow down the beta means that it might not arrive so soon, though. It's being prepared for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac.

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