Today Ruffian Games released the first downloadable content for co-op sandbox game Crackdown 2. You'll be able to experience some of this new content even if you don't pay for it.

The "Toy Box" DLC is split into free and premium components. The free side of "Toy Box" adds a Keys to the City game mode, Level 6 ability awards, and a Vehicle Tag multiplayer mode. The premium content ($7, or 560 MS Points) includes new vehicles, gadgets, Avatar awards, Achievements, and suit colors. A player who doesn't buy the pack can still experience the new goodies by playing a multiplayer match with someone who did. A full list of the content in the free/premium packs can be found here.

Ruffian is planning at least two DLC packs for Crackdown 2. The second, "Deluge," is said to add new game modes.

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