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Crazy Rumors Cause Gamers To Freak Over Xbox One, PS4 Launch

Xbox fanboys have been begging for negative Sony news and, in a way, they kind of get it here. A lot of gamers started freaking out when Madam Sessler, Marcus Beer and Arthur Gies, self-claimed respected members of the Doritocracy, hinted at potential spilled beans that would change the industry forever.

Sessler comes from respected outlet Revision3, a video news source for tech and video games. Marcus Beer is a wannabe-a-cool-guy who does a weekly series on Gametrailers, arguing and complaining about things like a fake version of Angry Joe. Arthur Gies is a guy who gets a lot of reactions from the stuff he says on Twitter but not the stuff he writes on Polygon.

The three had been cross-haired by the gaming community after making vague but foreboding tweets about some impending doom and gloom for the gaming industry, which further spurred rumors about DRM, corporate restrictions on YouTube monetization and a host of other conspiracy theories that would have made Chris Carter from X-Files fame light-up with a season's worth of ideas.

No one is completely 100% sure what all the hoopla is about, given that the Tweets from the trio were about similar things but not the same thing. Combining cryptic in-speak with paranoia equals silly results.

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Combined with the video above from Rich from Review Tech USA, everyone's panties got bunched, lips curled and eyes watered.

The day-one patch Gaming Blend's Ryan Winslett reported on for the PS4 also led to the belief that DRM is coming back and that Sony is going to the dark side with Microsoft, leaving only Reggie and Iwata to fight the good fight as honest Jedi.

The thing is, all this doom and gloom talk just barely a month out from the release of the next generation home consoles seems a bit premature. Sony has played their marketing smoother than Kenny G drops lip spit into a sax to make sexy tunes. I doubt they would throw all their good will away to shoot themselves in the foot like Microsoft.

And despite all the hate that the mini 'M' gets for doing more shady things than Kwame Kilpatrick at the Manoogian Mansion while the wife is out of town, I tend to doubt they would turn the pure, unadulterated hatred of the internet for the Xbox One into a seething, festering nest of rage that would be ready to explode with the scorn equivalent of a thousand angry hornets, by screwing up even more. I mean, I don't know if it's even possible to screw up more than this right here.

Now, could there be some huge, terrible things on the horizon? Possibly. Do we know what they are? No, because no one seems to agree on what the actual terrible things are, not even Marcus Beer and Madam Sessler. And worse yet, all these rumors of console Armageddon seems to fly in the face of Sony's current momentum with the PS4 to keep things as smooth and as open as possible.

The likely thing to do is just let all the unsubstantiated, unconfirmed, unagreeable rumors fly under the bridge like a breeze passing by Anthony Weiner getting his dong tongue-dipped by a shaggy tranny under an overpass.

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