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Crytek has issued a new Crysis 3 trailer entitled, "The Hunt Is On." The trailer mixes new gameplay footage with some glowing quotes from select press outlets.

Crysis 3 is set a quarter-century after Crysis 2. CELL Corporation has encased New York City in a massive nanodome. This dome has transformed the city into a rainforest, for an unknown purpose.

The beginning of the trailer seems to show U.S. Special Forces rescuing Prophet from captivity. The rest of the footage is him fighting CELL and Ceph forces throughout the dome. He snipes a CELL trooper with a bow and arrow, shoots down one of their dropships with a sniper rifle, and blows up a massive Ceph walker. Prophet even finds time to blow up a dam.

At 1:21, we get a brief glimpse at a vehicle segment of the game. Prophet is flying a Ceph aircraft (?) in the skies above New York and dogfighting with other aircraft. Vehicles have always been a very limited part of the Crysis series so it'll be interesting to see whether Crytek has fleshed out that type of gameplay in C3.

The song in the trailer is "Liquid Stat" by Muse, in case you're wondering.