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Yet another big game is inbound from the same studio that brought you the very popular but also critically controversial Tomb Raider reboot that took gaming by storm last year (and a bit of this year with the Definitive Edition landing on consoles. Well, technically just the PS4. The Xbox One ended up with the Welfare Edition running at only 30fps) is back with a brand new title.

Crystal Dynamics is apparently working on two big projects, one of which is a sequel to last year's Tomb Raider and another that happens to be a brand new IP for the eighth generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

GamePur came across some pretty potent information that reveals that there is a brand new game that could be arriving this year, but is more than likely only going to be announced at E3 and will probably build hype for a 2015 release.

The information consists of a LinkedIn update from Kari Hattner, an associate producer over at Crystal Dynamics, and it shows some pretty interesting stuff. Check it out below.

Proper speculation has led many to assume that we can see the new IP being spearheaded into the mainstream hype space at E3 next week.

While a lot of gamers may have complained that too many big name games are being leaked or announced ahead of E3, I think news bits like this seem to prove that there may be way more than we expect coming out of the biggest media event of the year.

What's more is that the vagueness of this news has turned a lot of us into quidnunc scavengers, rummaging around the internet looking at profiles and website source code like fake tech sites scouring artists' portfolios for 3D iPhone mock-ups to report as “news”.

Even still, this leads us to speculate as to what kind of game this could potentially be? Crystal Dynamics is known for their third-person action-adventure titles and it wouldn't seem unlikely that they would head back down that route. But would they continue to milk the female protagonist genre like the government milking subsidies out of farmers, or would they go the anthropomorphic animal route like Sega or a 1990s-themed Naughty Dog?

Could it be an action-platformer or an action-shooter? And are looking to see more cesspool-inspired environmental palettes that dominated seventh-gen or will we see something truly inspired and unique like the touched-by-a-futuristic-turd military asset cache featured in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?

Also, more importantly, will the game be cross-generational or will it be a true eighth-gen only release? Being tethered to the old-gen plastic toys means there's a lot of systems and mechanics that the game will have to forgo in its structure in order to support the geriatric twins; so cross-gen support will make or break the potentiality of the game.

Questions, questions and more questions.

We're likely to receive answers when E3 rolls around starting next week. The biggest week in gaming just got a little bit bigger.
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