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Do you have so much money that you're running out of things to buy? No? Oh, well then don't bother purchasing this crystal-studded PS4.

Krystalboutique got their hands on one of those 20th Anniversary PS4s. The limited edition is painted to resemble the PSOne and look fantastic. Instead of just flipping the console as-is for absurd amounts of money on eBay, however, Krystalboutique decided to ruin it with "thousands of Swarovski crystals in black diamond (grey) and playstation logo colours" first.

"The pictures don't do this much justice, it's STUNNING to look at, very sleek and would be an amazing show piece as well as useable and totally functional console unit for anyone looking for a completely unique piece of playstation history or an amazing gift!" says the eBay listing.

It looks like the sort of PS4 Liberace would have on a pedestal in his foyer were he still alive. Here's a closer look at this monstrosity:

The eBay listing notes that "care must be taken to keep it in pristine condition." I would argue that that ship has already sailed.

This console sadly doesn't come with a paint scraper to remove the crystals. Instead, the seller threw in a black beanie adorned with Swarovski crystals that spell out "1994," the year the PSOne launched.

Krystalboutique has started the auction at £800, or roughly $1,200. No bids have been placed yet. You could also pay £1,999 (about $3,000) to buy it outright.

The 20th Anniversary Edition has been a popular collector's item. One of the consoles sold for $15,000 back in December. Sony also held a charity auction and sold one for $129,000. Not everyone has pure intentions toward these consoles, though. Someone's trying to convince people to pay him to destroy one on camera.

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