DUST 514, the upcoming PS3/Vita MMOFPS, will let players get behind the wheel of various land and air vehicles. Today CCP Games announced some of the details about how these vehicles will fit into the game.

The DUST 514 vehicles are highly customizable. They can be armed with a variety of weapons, like rail cannons, lasers, or missile launchers. They can be further tailored using modules. Modules allow players to beef up the vehicle's armor, add tracking disruptors to confuse enemy turrets, and more.

Though vehicles are extremely versatile and powerful, infanty will play an important role as well. CCP describes the relationship between infantry and vehicles as "symbiotic."

"Fully utilizing the offensive capabilities of most vehicles requires the turrets to be manned. Players can spawn directly into vehicles equipped with clone reactivation units, allowing them to get into the midst of battle within seconds after dying," says CCP. "Infantry can be dropped off by aerial units to vantage points not reachable by foot, or they can hitch a ride with light vehicles to cross the vast terrains in a speedy manner. Vehicles also provide support in taking objectives, laying down suppressive fire to hold back the enemy while infantry move in to take control of objectives."

"In a similar way, infantry supports vehicles by scouting and setting up traps. Infantry can utilize stasis webification bubbles, target painters and other tools that disable or temporarily make enemy vehicles and installations open to attack."

DUST 514, the companion game to EVE Online, is expected to go live this Spring.

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