Dancing Makes You Invincible In Star Wars: The Old Republic

Like any new game, Star Wars: The Old Republic has its share of bugs. One glitch stands out from the rest, however. It seems that dancing allows players to defeat difficult enemies.

A video on YouTube (via RPS) shows the cheat in action. During combat, the player types in the command /getdown. As he starts dancing, the enemy stops attacking him. In fact, the enemy just sits there doing nothing while the player's friends gun him down.

"We recently removed your thread about the /getdown video. We appreciate you trying to bring it to our attention but we do not allow the posting of potential exploits on the forums," reads an alleged note from the official SW:TOR forum moderators to one of the creators of the video. "Note this message is just to let you know and is NOT a warning against your account!"

Considering that this exploit could be used to cheat on high-end encounters like heroic flashpoints or raids, I imagine BioWare will patch it out of existence soon. It's a shame because this is one of the funnier bugs I've ever seen.

I'd personally recommend not trying it yourself. BioWare's thus far proven itself to be very liberal with the ban-hammer when it comes to exploiters.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.