The latest Dark Souls 2 beta test was supposed to be held through PSN this morning. However, Namco Bandai abruptly announced on Saturday night that North American and South American players would not be able to access it after all.

Namco added that everyone who had a spot in the weekend test will be able to access the rescheduled beta event. In the meantime, you can keep the beta client on your PS3. The client will still work with the new test, though you'll need to download a new patch.

This weekend's test was going to be the third for the action RPG. Like previous betas, it was designed to stress test the servers and allow players to try out multiplayer features like leaving messages for fellow dungeon-crawlers or seeing their ghosts. It was going to be far larger than previous betas; Namco Bandai said there would be 30,000 participants compared to 5,000 for the first two events. This beta was also going to let players summon friends into their games to help with difficult fights or invade another players' game in order to ambush them. Players will have to wait a bit longer to see how competitive/cooperative play has been refined, though.

The beta tests for Dark Souls 2 are exclusive to PS3. In order to be eligible for testing, you need to have a PSN account and an Internet-connected PS3. There's no actual application process. Instead, Namco sends out download codes to select players. The beta is closed to additional players once a set amount have signed up. The client is about 3.7GB.

Dark Souls 2 will hit the Xbox 360 and PS3 in March. Namco Bandai will be offering Black Armor and Collector's Editions of the game at launch.

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