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Dark Souls and developer From Software isn't done with the role-playing genre. Masanori Takeuchi, head of the company's research and development, says that they'd love to create sequels to DS.

"Of course, it's not over yet," Takeuchi told GameTrailers. "You have to go back to our roots, which is King's Field. We've made many games in that series. We've always been enamored by dark fantasy action RPGs. That's just been our core DNA and I think we'll continue to utilize that."

Dark Souls, released last fall, has a notoriously steep learning curve. Death waits around every corner in that dungeon-crawler, with traps and enemies alike able to quickly fell a careless player. Dark, like spiritual predecessor Demon's Souls, also allows players to invade another player's game and kill them. While the harsh difficulty is off-putting to some, others find it a very satisfying, old school challenge.

From Software isn't just looking at consoles for their next RPG, though. They're also considering mobile platforms.

"We know what butters our bread, obviously it's consumer games," Takeuchi said. "That's where we see some of our key strengths. That being said, as developers, we like to do new things and new challenges will help us mature and grow as a developer. Smart phones and tablets are an interesting challenge for us."

Don't expect an iPhone Dark Souls to be any easier, though. Takeuchi suggests that they'd be targeting core gamers with any handheld project.

"If we do go down that path, it's not going to be what you see on the market today, [which are] more watered down, less 'core' experiences," he said. "We like to make games for core gamers, so if we take that approach, it's going to be a core experience on a tablet, something that gamers are going to love. If you look at the install base of the two different types — 3DS and PS Vita versus smart phone and tablets — they're incredibly different. For us, trying to find a way to appeal our content, the sort of games that we're good at, to a new audience is going to be a challenge."

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