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Darksiders 2 Introduces Arena Mode And New Game Plus

It seems like every game released these days has to feature an arena mode and THQ’s upcoming Darksiders II is no different. Their variant on the wave-grind formula is called The Crucible, and it offers 100 levels of combat for Death to slice through, as well as some of the best loot in the game.

THQ recently published a pair of posts on the Darksiders II forums announcing the arena mode, as well as a brief mention of the New Game + option that will let you replay the game with all of your badass gear still in tow.

After finishing the first major section of the game, The Forge Lands, players will receive an invitation to The Crucible, a deadly arena where the best warriors can show just how strong they have become. Each wave of this 100-level dungeon grows progressively harder, and every five levels offers the player a chance to exit and receive a nice reward. You can choose to push forward, but losing results in the loss of any potential reward, too.

The Crucible offers special Legendary items for players to equip, including Death’s ultimate armor. There are also special prizes for completing the tower or finishing the whole thing in a single sitting.

Only the first 25 levels will be available initially with Death needing to find a special tarot card in the other main zones (three total) to open up the remainder of the tower. Each group of 25 levels is themed off of the area the card came from, including monsters, bosses and new variants only available in the arena.

Darksiders II is already shaping up to be a pretty massive action RPG. Now that players have an additional 100 waves of baddies to plow through, this is a game that might stay spinning in your system for weeks to come. Look for it on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next Tuesday, Aug. 14.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.