Generally the Star Wars games have oftentimes found themselves following very strict formulas about who stars in the games and what sort of games they are. But with such a diverse cast of characters maybe it's time a few other prominent but underutilized characters took the spotlight.

We're thinking that maybe there are a lot of opportunities available in the Star Wars universe to afford various characters the chance to dive into a gaming genre that hasn't been done quite before. While we know that there was going to be a Darth Maul game in the works after the news broke about it being cancelled, I think it's time we look at 6 more Star Wars characters that need their own games, too.

Chewie In An Open-World Kasshyyk Game
Imagine running around, shooting the bowcaster, collecting wild plant life, crafting exotic herbs and tonics and fighting off strange and bewildering creatures in a tropical open-world setting. Sounds cool, eh? Well, if we're talking about Star Wars characters getting their own game, one of the most iconic is obviously Chewbacca.

Gaming Blend staff thought it might be interesting to see the furry fighter taking to the tropical beaches and lush jungles of his home world, Kashyyyk. It could even be a GTA: San Andreas-style game where you upgrade his skills over time as he battles wildlife, tames animals and fights off various invaders. An odd game? Sure, but it would most likely be an entertaining one.

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