After Darth Maul, 6 More Star Wars Characters That Need Their Own Games

Generally the Star Wars games have oftentimes found themselves following very strict formulas about who stars in the games and what sort of games they are. But with such a diverse cast of characters maybe it's time a few other prominent but underutilized characters took the spotlight.

We're thinking that maybe there are a lot of opportunities available in the Star Wars universe to afford various characters the chance to dive into a gaming genre that hasn't been done quite before. While we know that there was going to be a Darth Maul game in the works after the news broke about it being cancelled, I think it's time we look at 6 more Star Wars characters that need their own games, too.

Chewie In An Open-World Kasshyyk Game

Imagine running around, shooting the bowcaster, collecting wild plant life, crafting exotic herbs and tonics and fighting off strange and bewildering creatures in a tropical open-world setting. Sounds cool, eh? Well, if we're talking about Star Wars characters getting their own game, one of the most iconic is obviously Chewbacca.

Gaming Blend staff thought it might be interesting to see the furry fighter taking to the tropical beaches and lush jungles of his home world, Kashyyyk. It could even be a GTA: San Andreas-style game where you upgrade his skills over time as he battles wildlife, tames animals and fights off various invaders. An odd game? Sure, but it would most likely be an entertaining one.

Han & Leia Family Sim Time

While Chewie rummages through the dense foliage of the sunny Wookie planet, what would Leia and Han be doing in the meantime? While it's obvious that a third-person, cooperative shooter similar to Star Trek or Mass Effect 3's multiplayer might be in order... Instead, Han and Leia should embrace a game that caters to the post-Galactic War part of their canon that's rarely discussed: their family.

Raising Force-endowed kids is tough. An isometric game where Leia and Han's kids can create rambunctious disaster using their untrained Force could make for a great Diner Dash meets The Sims clone. Keep them from damaging the palace. Nurture those good Force skills to avoid them turning into a Sith. Give them lightsaber training so they don't the service droids in half. I can already imagine the dollar signs in an executive's eyes thinking about all the possible microtransactions this game could bring along with it.

Yoda Platformer

We've been able to play Yoda in various Star Wars games, mostly as a mod in Jedi Knight titles, as a Hero in Star Wars: Battlefront and briefly in some Clone War-era games a few generations ago. The little green one has a lot of potential for some cool games, including a twitch-based action-platformer.

Yoda was portrayed in the movies as a fast-moving, lightsaber wielding Jedi Master. It would be cool to be able to utilize those skills in a game that goes all in on his fast fighting skills and equally quick jumping abilities. A Yoda platformer – especially playing him when he was in his younger years – could be fun enough to attract the younger gamers, but challenging enough to grab the attention of the older crowd. Besides, when was the last time we had a really good Star Wars platformer after Jedi Academy?

General Grievous Galactic Adventure Game

One of the most underutilized characters in the Star Wars movies is General Grievous, the part alien, part cyborg, multi-arm terror that was trained in the arts of the Jedi despite lacking the ability to use the Force. Grievous hasn't been playable much in many of the officially licensed Star Wars games, but he would be awesome to play in his own game.

Similar to Boba Fett's bounty hunter game on the PS2, a General Grievous game could be pretty neat. Flying across the galaxy in a spaceship, hunting down Jedi with those four arms and a lightsaber in each one, and kicking the crap out of any and everyone. Yeah Grievous was a bad guy, but playing an action-adventure game during his rise to power would be pretty entertaining and possibly fun to play.

C3PO Android Drama

David Cage seems to have found a rather prolific niche in doing quick-time oriented story games where players can walk around, interact with people and partake in a story of epic proportions. Well, what if that kind of concept – sort of like the most recently announced PS4 exclusive, Detroit – starred none other than C3PO?

The pepper-stepped, shuffle-walking android being thrust into a story-oriented adventure where players will spend their time walking around interacting with other androids and partaking in mini-games and logic puzzles seems like the exact sort of game that C3PO is deserving of. I can't say that it would be the best game, not by a long shot. I mean he's obviously not the best character in the Star Wars lore, but if we can throw in some bums, a burning building and some sort of Jedi/Sith specter it could easily rival anything David Cage and Quantic Dreams have come up with.

Emperor Palpatine's 4X Conquest

Now look, some of these games might make it as real titles and I imagine a lot of them won't. Still, the one game that has the best chances of being a real game is an Emperor Palpatine game. Why? Because this guy used his political prowess to establish the Galactic Empire out of the ruins of the concessions of the old Republic. What better way to celebrate that level of deviant intelligence than with a 4x strategy game?

Having Palpatine take control of galaxies by routing forces to unoccupied zones, using diplomatic intimidation to acquire resources and unleashing a bit of the dark side of the Force on anyone who stands in Palpatine's way could be a really fun, villainous affair. Managing resources, planetary mineral mining and micro-battles against the Rebels across various systems could prove to be a really fun, really weird, really Star Wars version of something like Galactic Civilization 3.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.