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Galactic Civilizations 3 Is 64-Bit PC Exclusive

Today Sins of a Solar Empire Stardock announced that they're developing Galactic Civilizations 3, the newest installment in their 4X strategy series. GC3 will be released exclusively for PCs with 64-bit architecture.

"The move to 64-bit architecture heralds a new era of game development at Stardock,” said Derek Paxton, vice president of Stardock Entertainment. "The technology allows players to experience a level of graphical detail and on-screen activity unprecedented in large-scale strategy PC games. It dramatically increases the size and scope of the maps, and opens the door for modders to add a virtually unlimited amount of new content to the game."

In GC3, players must guide a space age civilization to supremacy. They can expand their empire through trade, diplomacy and military action. Players have both peaceful and violent ways to win the game. For example, you can establish technological supremacy over rival civilizations or destroy them outright.

The game continues the storyline from the previous two Galactic Civilization games. The Drengin Empire now reigns supreme over the galaxy. Earth is imprisoned within a Precursor force field. The Terran forces outside of Earth aren't faring much better.

"Colonel Jena Casey with Taskforce Odyssey and the Second Fleet have fought a slowly losing battle where each Terran colony has been conquered and enslaved by the Drengin Empire in turn," reads the official story summary. "As a result, the second fleet has split between the Patriots and the Mutineers. The Patriots follow the chain of command and Colonel Casey. The Mutineers, bitter against the Thalan for destroying the Terror Star, have adopted savage methods to survive in the name of vengeance against the enemies of Earth."

Stardock promises greatly improved visuals for everything in the game, including planets and ships. The galaxy is dotted with new elements like blackholes and Precursor relics. The ship builder and resource system have both been overhauled as well to give players more control over the direction of their civilization.

Galactic Civilization 3 is now available for pre-order through the game's official website. The $39.99 Founder's Edition is $10 cheaper than the game's launch price and includes beta test access as well as a forum badge. Diehard fans can opt for the $99.99 Founder's Elite Edition, which makes all the future DLC free and also grants access to the alpha. Founder's Elite Edition owners will also get their name in the game's credits and the right to name a star in the game's galaxy.

Today's announcement coincides with the 20th anniversary of Stardock. The celebration of this milestone will include discounts on the company's games through Steam and the Stardock store.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.