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Daft Punk has won six Grammys but now they've received an even bigger honor: their own DayZ music video. A few players have combined "Get Lucky" with the zombie survival game for a very catchy parody.

"Unlike the legend of the Kiwis, there's lots of tasty Pipsis," begins the parody, entitled 'Play DayZ.' "What keeps me from goin' hungry, Is a pack full of baked beans."

As you might have guessed, the song's a long string of in-jokes from DayZ. You probably won't appreciate the references to falling off ladders or being saved by nude players unless you've sunk some time into exploring Chernarus. It's a peculiar game with its own set of trials and tribulations. It's the only game where you'll have to worry about being force-fed disinfectant or rotten kiwis.

The lack of instruments in DayZ makes it hard to show any musical performances in the video. However, like any good DayZ players, the videos' creators improvise. During a saxophone solo, they have a commando sway back and forth with a fire extinguisher in his hands. Well done.

Dancing is also hard to accomplish in the game. The team uses the animations for bandaging wounds or leaning to make it look like they're gyrating to the music. I've never seen a robot try to dance but I imagine it looks similar.

The video has some surprisingly beautiful footage as well. There's plenty of sweeping shots of the landscape in between all the footage of players performing pseudo dance moves or running for their life. While DayZ's still in alpha and has its share of rough edges, the countryside still looks great.

This is the third parody video produced by Team GEO. They previously released "Goodbye Battlefield 3," set to the tune of Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road." If you want another top 40 video, you're better off checking out "Operation Clusterf***," a Battlefield 4-themed parody of "California Girls" by Katy Perry. Those two music videos are below. You can find MP3's for each track at Team GEO's Soundcloud page.

DayZ is available through Steam Early Access. Earlier this week, developer Bohemia Interactive gave a status update on possible Xbox One and PS4 versions.

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