Later this month, Housemarque Games will release the "Road to Devastation" downloadable content for PSN zombie shooter Dead Nation. Today they sent out screenshots and details on what this content will entail.

At the beginning of "Road," you escape from a laboratory and find yourself with three different roads to choose from. Each road has different weapons, enemies, and environments in store for you.

Housemarque previewed a couple of the enemies you'll experience in this DLC. Rotting corpses have fused with infected plant life to create moss-covered zombies. A massive enemy called a "Big Mouth" summons allies from the ground by screaming.

Some of the new weapons are part of the game environment. For example, you can fry enemies by turning on an electric fence at just the right time. You can also slice up zombies using heavy industrial saws. There will be new weapons you can carry, too. One of these weapons is said to have an automated targeting system, but no other details were mentioned.

"Road" will be released through PSN on September 27th. It's priced at $3.99.

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