Being Sony's first showing of the PlayStation 4, it's no surprise that only a handful of actual games (inFamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, etc.) were shown off during last night's presentation. Several other developers took the stage to show off their concepts, new engines or works in progress, however, including Capcom's upcoming title, codenamed Deep Down.

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono took the stage during the PS4's unveiling, saying that he was very excited to be able to talk about the publisher's new game and, no, it was not a new Street Fighter title.

The game is currently called Deep Down, which several eagle-eyed spectators have noticed shares the initials of Dragon's Dogma. That's all speculation though, stemming from a simple word association and the fact that, yeah, the following video's main attraction is one seriously pissed off dragon.

If Capcom can make good on the visual promises of this early look, then Deep Down could be a real treat for the eyes. Just look at those environments. And how about that extremely disgruntled dragon we were just talking about? Dude looks menacing, right?

Obviously, we can't be certain if this is just a target video, highlighting what Capcom hopes to get out of their upcoming game, or if it's actually early in-game footage. Either way, it looks nice and certainly adds Deep Down to my list of games to keep an eye on.

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