A satirical article has popped up online proposing a very interesting idea: What if the “winner” of Defiance had a chance to helm the television show airing on the Syfy channel? The very thought fills my head with swirling ideas involving all the worst of the worst from the internet gaming community.

Gadget Reviews tossed together a satirical piece following on the heels of Syfy's commitment for a second season of their new cross-media promoted franchise, Defiance.

The game has already made it into the top 20 most played games of April based on Raptr's monthly market data tracking.

Defiance has also gained a healthy amount of regularly players, surpassing the 1 million player mark very recently.

What's suggested on the Gadget Review article, though, isn't that bad of an idea in some regards: I would definitely be interested to see what a gamer would come up with while sitting in the producer's chair. Although, in the same way that something cool could come out of it, something equally horrid, putrid and foul looking could come out of such an arrangement as well. It's about as random and breathtaking as treating a bulimic friend to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Anyway, Defiance will treat loyal gamers to some on-screen pageantry by allowing a lucky gaming community character appear on the TV show at some point. I'm sure that's about as close as anyone wants gamers to get to the actual production of the Syfy TV show.

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