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Defiance Hits 1 Million Players

Gamers have created over one million accounts for MMO shooter Defiance, publisher Trion Worlds announced this weekend. The game, inspired by the SyFy show of the same name, launched a month ago on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Defiance is set on Earth after a devastating war between humans and aliens. The conflict caused a massive cataclysm that dramatically reshaped the earth's surface. Aliens and humans now coexist on this altered Earth.

Players take on the role of "Ark Hunters" in the San Francisco Bay area. They travel the region on foot or in ATV and fight vicious creatures known as Hellbugs. Players have driven 50,000,000 miles in Defiance's first month. They've killed 500,000,000 hellbugs during their journeys.

Much like Trion World's other MMO Rift, Defiance offers up dynamic events to players. During these events, called "Arkfalls," alien ships crash to the Earth. Players will race to these locations, kill whatever enemies were attracted to the site, and then recover the alien technology. Players have participated in over a million of these Arkfalls to date.

On April 30th, Trion Worlds launched an in-game contest called Defiance Most Wanted. Players will compete with each other in both PvE and PvP-based events. The players who earn the most salvage while doing so will have their character featured in an upcoming episode of the SyFy show.

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Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.