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Trion Worlds' third-person shooter MMO, Defiance, is set to release for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on April 2, just in time to run in tangent with the upcoming Syfy show that shares the same universe. To help get everyone pumped for the upcoming launch, a new trailer highlighting some of the game's weaponry has been made available through the PlayStation Blog.

Trion Director of Community Elizabeth Tobey dropped by the PS Blog recently to give everyone a gander at the type of firepower they can expect out of Defiance when it launches next month. On offer are glimpses at the Infector, Bio Magnetic Gun, Rocket Launcher and Detonator, along with attachments that alter the way they fire. The Infector, for instance, has a mod that mutates and kills one enemy. The enemies body then bursts open and terrifying bug creatures then attack another enemy. It's not quite as gross as I make it sound, but it IS just as awesome as I make it sound.

Being a massively multiplayer online shooter, the folks at Trion are trying to make sure players have plenty of options when it comes to how they will be dispatching their enemies, hence the wide variety of firearms and mods. It looks like you'll be able to fine tune your loadout to fit your particular play style, which is always a welcome site in a big game like Defiance.

For more details on those weapons you just say, check out the above linked post. Otherwise, mark your calendars for April 2, because that's when you'll finally be able to unleash all of these bad boys on the unsuspecting enemy hordes.

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