One of the big games that gamers have been playing since last week (and slightly off and on during the alpha before E3) is Destiny. Bungie recently opened up the game's beta for those who pre-ordered the game, and have allowed them to get in some play time with the first-person shooter on the PS3 and PS4. This week the beta for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 will get underway and there's no better time to learn about the character classes than right now.

MMGN has a detailed and thorough look at each of the character classes in Destiny, the upcoming first-person shooter MMO for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. They offer up skills and trait explanations for the three main classes: the Hunter, the Titan and the Warlock.

The Hunter
The Hunter is designed for long-range and stealth combat. They have mild health regeneration capabilities and excel at tactical mobility during combat.

The Hunter gets various skill-sets, including an incendiary grenade that can be upgraded to various levels, such as a swarm grenade that releases explosive drones upon impact, or a tripmine grenade that works as a proximity mine whenever an enemy walks nearby.

Hunters get a double jump ability, as well as upgrades for better jump-control, triple-jump and an even higher jump. Additional skills include a super golden gun and a throwing knife.

Passive skills can also be upgraded, including Path Forgotten that allows players to recover faster during combat. Scavenger has various sub-categories that will increase the efficiency of the knife skill and gunslinger skill, while also enabling players to get faster cooldowns on item pickups.

The last two passive skills include Way of the Drifter, which permanently buffs all the Hunter's skills, as well as Chain of Woe, which also increases the range of the golden gun skill and adds an additional throwing knife to the line-up.
The Warlock is the magic-based class of the three. The Warlock focuses on traps, buffs and group attacks. Players who prefer the role of a mage-type class will probably prefer the Warlock.

The Warlock gets various skills for different play-styles, the Glide skill enables players to glide in the air during falls or jumps, and the increased skill branches enable for better flight control and speed. The highest upgrade for the Glide skill replaces the ability with a short-distance teleportation mechanism.

The Nova Bomb skill is an area-of-effect skill that disintegrates any enemies within the vicinity. This is one of the skills often shown in the preview trailers for Destiny. The upgrades for the skill enable the Nova Bomb to do more damage and to increase its area of effect.

Arcane Wisdom is a passive buff that increases healing rates and combat speed. Vortex Mastery is another passive buff that ramps up the Warlock's other skills, including the Nova Bomb and the Vortex Grenade.

Ancestral Order is another generic passive that buffs up all of the Warlock's attributes. Angry Magic is a pretty deadly skill that allows the Nova Bomb to track enemies – the upgrades further increase the damage of the Nova Bomb, while the Bloom upgrade makes all enemies explode who are killed by the Warlock's skill.
Slow, cumbersome, strong and built to absorb damage, the Titan class is the stereotypical tank of the three. If you enjoy dishing out damage as much as you enjoy taking it, the Titan class is right up your alley.

The Titan may lack the mobility offered by the other two classes, but he makes up for it with his ability to get around the battlefield by pounding enemies into a pulp. One skill that does specifically help with mobility, however, is the Lift skill. This enables players to levitate after jumping. The upgrades for the skill enable players to float higher and manage better direction control while in the air.

Fist of Havoc is an area-of-effect skill with radial damage done to enemies in a quick burst. The skill can be upgraded for better range and damage. It's very similar to the Hulk Smash skill from other games, only it can be used while jumping.

Storm fist is a fast melee attack that deals massive DPS; this skill, when upgraded, can be combined with Fist of Havoc, as the upgrades for Storm Fist help cooldown Fist of Havoc, allowing players to create a combo attack with the two.

Headstrong is a passive skill that upgrades and buffs the other Titan's skills, as well as enables some health regeneration during attacks. Titan Codex I is another passive skill that improves the general health recovery and battle speed of the Titan. Titan Codex IV is another separate passive that can be activated after Titan Codex III is reached through Titan Codex I. The fourth iteration of the skill is a continued passive buff for the Titan's general skill set and character attributes.

Unstoppable is an active buff for Fist of Havoc that opens up the ability to shoulder charge enemies, similar to the Rhino in Warframe. The buff makes it very hard to stop the Titan when the skill is in use.

You can learn more about these skill-sets and abilities from the MMGN guide. For more info on Destiny feel free to visit the official website.

(Class images courtesy of MMGN)
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