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Destiny's player-versus-player event Iron Banner has returned. The latest incarnation of the event is accompanied by a hotfix addressing some issues with expansion The Dark Below.

Most of today's fixes address the game's equipment. For example, players now have a better chance at getting helmets from The Dark Below's new raid, Crota's End. Furthermore, the new gear from Crota's End now starts at Level 30 to make it easier for players to hit 32.

Here are the full list of changes for today's hotfix:
  • Fixed a typo in the German word for 'Radiant Energy'
  • General
    • Fixed an issue in which some weapon projectiles were improperly penetrating Hive shields
  • Pocket Infinity
    • Rolled back changes induced by a previous Exotic weapon update
    • Charge up and deactivation now work as originally designed
    • Players may again encounter a previously known issue which prevents charge up
  • Both existing and future Raid gear obtained in Crota’s End now begins at Level 30 with an upgrade path to reach Level 32
  • Raid helmet obtained in Crota's End now drops on Normal Mode and will be a more frequent drop on Hard Mode
  • Fixed an issue in which Dead Orbit Hunter cloaks awarded reputation gains for both Dead Orbit and Vanguard/Crucible
  • Added a replayable node to the Director for the ‘Fist of Crota' mission

If you didn't play last month's Iron Banner, you'll notice many changes with this current event. Bungie revised so much of Iron Banner this fall that they now refer to it as version 2.0. The basic premise of the Iron Banner playlist - your gear now affects your offense and defense in Crucible matches - is still the same. However, following player complaints that their gear didn't make much difference, Bungie increased the effect that it has on players' performance. To ensure that there's not too much of an imbalance between players, only Guardians level 20 or above can lead a full Fireteam into Iron Banner matches. Guardians below level 20 can join a team started by someone above that limit but may have a rough time of things.

Another common complaint about Iron Banner, that there was no incentive for staying for the end of a lost match, has also been fixed. The losing team now receives Medallions of Iron. These Medallions stack up to five and can be cashed in for Iron Banner reputation on a win.

Iron Banner progression has been reworked as well. The ranking system for the Iron Lords is now split into 5 ranks. A buff called Tempering boosts your reputation gains for 12 hours. Each rank introduces new items for players to purchase, including level 31 armor. A new Reforging process allows players to get a new set of upgrades for their Iron Banner weapons at a cost.

The latest Iron Banner event will last until December 22nd. While there are some concerns that Bungie is removing content from Destiny to force players to buy The Dark Below, the company assured the community today that the DLC is unnecessary to participate in Iron Banner.

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