Destiny Player Creates Bot To Play For Him

The Auto-punchbro... that's the name of the latest gimmick to “cheat” through Destiny. It's not really a cheat in the traditional sense; there are no codes to input, no rocks to manipulate, no lights to glitch. Instead, Auto-punchbro is exactly what it sounds like: a bot that auto-punches and periodically shoots.

If you're thinking this is some kind of sophisticated script bot similar to what you would find in games like Diablo III, Elder Scrolls Online, FIFA 2015, Hearthstone or other games of a similar ilk in which bots are used to help gold sellers make some cash while doing nothing but monitoring the temperature of the computers and ensuring that the scripts are running as necessary – think again.

Auto-punchbro is a Jerry-rigged servo contraption that Reddit user yavin427 constructed for his Xbox controller, because he was bored and already maxed out various characters when playing Destiny. According to yavin427...

“To those just now joining us, I had a little fun with a couple of servos taped to an Xbox controller to repeatedly kill hive on ocean of storms for me. Background: I am a (semi?) serious player with 300+ hours and a 32, but when I went to level up my titan it felt so joyless. So this popped into my head as a fun little challenge. I did it more for the hell of it, and I'll be the first to admit I could have done it much faster manually. To those saying it's pathetic, i dont disagree with you. Thats why my post title shows some confliction.”

He mentions that the bot is less of an exploit and more of a way to make Destiny more interesting while not actually playing.

You can see the Auto-punchbro in action with the YouTube video below.

The YouTube comments are pretty funny. One user named 2-Bit Arcade aptly and accurately stated...

“Remember when people used to try to get out of work to play games? Now people try to get out of playing games to go to work. Good job Bungie, back to Halo MCC for me, while I wait for Halo 5.?"

I agree about Halo: The Master Chief Collection... not so much with waiting for Halo 5.

Destiny, however, seems to be an exercise in getting gamers to spend as much time grinding and working at a game that has an easy hook with little rewards. You play to earn new loot and earn new loot to keep playing, but the challenge and game world are superficially designed as a cognitive loop. You keep thinking you need to play in order to get stronger or unlock the next great thing because the game's setup is designed to lure you back to look for more, even if you aren't having a lot of fun. Bravo Bungie.

Diablo and Borderlands are also known for their loot-grind-repeat mechanics, but the biggest difference is that gamers feel the game worlds are engaging and the content is fun.

Well, Yavin found a way to beat Bungie's hook by having a servo-bot strapped to his Xbox controller play for him. I don't know if he's brilliant for beating the hook or if it's pathetic that a servo-bot is doing the work and playing a game for him.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.