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Shortly after the latest expansion released for Bungie's sci-fi, first-person, multiplayer shooter, someone actually managed to hit the top level... level 32. Not only did they manage to reach level 32 in record time but the feat has managed to stun the gaming world.

IGN has a brief news post on how the player managed to hit level 32 – a level that most people probably didn't think possible to hit. I mean, it wasn't too long ago that there were news posts about a guy managing to hit level 30.

Basically, EnormousTrash – that's the handle they chose to go with – managed to acquire all the new rad armor pieces from the Dark Below update, as well as 63 radiant shards in order to max out the armor's Light stat and get it to reach 144. And presto. EnormousTrash was able to hit level 32.

Now the thing that sort of has a lot of Bungie forum goers getting their Jimmies rustled is that this EnormousTrash – whose profile you can view over on the official Bungie site – basically levels up a new character, maxes them out, deletes another maxed out character and does it all over again.

In the post on the forums, EnormousTrash states...
“Im getting really frustrated guys. People keep telling me I need to get some vagina. Is that some sort of deodorant or something? Can someone please explain this to me.”

The joke resonated enough with the forum posters to chime in on picking on EnormousTrash, resulting in lots of ribs and jokes at the expense of the level 32 legend.

Eventually someone came in to try to change the tone by pointing out that it didn't seem to matter who was in the forums, if someone didn't play enough they were “casual”, and if someone played too much they had “no life”. It's kind of funny but it is true that there's just no winning sometimes.

ThereGoesDon dropped in to state the following...
“It's really ducking childish that you all criticize how OP chooses to spend his/her time, yet you're all here, being less productive with your negative input. OP can do whatever the duck he/she ducking feels like; and the fact that you all feel the need to brag or defend your online ego is ducking pathetic.”

I'm sure many of you can come up with an alternative word for “ducking” that also works just as well.

Destiny has been a sort of hot topic with a lot of mundane gameplay. Gaming Blend's Ryan Winslett recently shared his thoughts on the Dark Below update by reviewing the expansion. He's tried staying on the positive side of the fence regarding the game by championing some of its features and condemning others.

For me, Destiny is just a boring, barely-seventh-gen shooter. It's impossible for me to watch more than 10 minutes of gameplay without dozing off to sleep. There are no new mechanics in the game that haven't already been featured in other games and done in better or more intuitive ways, from Halo's dual-wielding, to Far Cry's ecosystem to Red Faction's physics-based destruction system... there's a lot missing in Destiny to make it a standout title, in my opinion.

Nevertheless, EnormousTrash hitting Level 32 is a pretty big achievement for any Destiny player, and you can chalk up all the media coverage as a just reward.

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