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Not only does Destiny’s latest expansion have a possible name but, if recent rumors are to be believed, we’ve got a release date as well. Guardians may be tackling their next great adventure come Sept. 15.

According to a recent report from Kotaku, it appears the next rumored expansion in the Destiny universe, The Taken King, could be headed our way in just three months. This all falls in line with a massive leak from 2014, which contained most of these “new” details, minus the name. Having them reiterated now, though, certainly makes everything feel a bit more legitimate.

Back when the rumor mill first started spinning, Destiny appeared to be on track to release a major content update this coming fall called “Comet.” Along with the usual dose of new multiplayer maps, strikes, weapons and gear, this particular DLC bundle was said to include 12 new story missions, a new sub-class for each class, as well as a brand new overworld map to explore set on an alien ship. That additional content came with a boost in the price, too, set at $40.

According to Kotaku, recent correspondence with an unnamed source seems to corroborate those original rumors. They’re reporting that the DLC, now said to be called The Taken King, is still set to cost 40 bucks, as well as add in a brand new sub-class for each type of Guardian. Each class currently has two such sub-classes offering a focus on two of the three possible elemental abilities. A third sub-class for each would round that out quite nicely.

Also mentioned in the leak is a new raid that will have Guardians square off against Oryx. For those of you who have kept up to date on your Destiny lore, that’s the father of Crota, the raid boss included in The Dark Below.

At this point the price, the release date, the name, the new sub-classes and the raid are the only content that’s been reiterated for Destiny’s next update. No word yet on that extra world map, the number of new story missions, or what else might be included in the update. Also worth mentioning again is that, at this point, everything here should be considered a rumor until the team at Bungie make some sort of official announcement.

Thankfully, E3 is less than a week away and we know for a fact that the team will be present, so here’s hoping that the developer takes advantage of the opportunity and finally sheds some actual light on all of this speculation.

Until then, I’m sure Destiny’s most recent expansion, The House of Wolves, should keep you plenty busy.
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