Square Enix revealed details on the first downloadable content for Deus Ex: Human Revolution today. The Missing Link DLC is expected to arrive in October.

During Deus Ex: Human Revolution's campaign, Adam Jensen vanishes for three days. This DLC focuses on the events of those days. It introduces new environments, characters, and conspiracies.

Jensen has been captured and tortured by Belltower agents. He finds himself on a freighter heading to an unknown location, and must do whatever he can to escape. There's a twist, though: his augmentations have been disabled.

The DLC gives you an opportunity to pick a fresh combination of augmentations for Adam. Your augmentation choices are normally permanent so this is a rare chance to start over.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution stars Adam Jensen, a private security agent given cybernetic augments after being brutally assaulted. He must travel the world to investigate why he and his company were attacked. The wide selection of augmentations and equipment in the game allow him to complete missions through various means: combat, stealth, persuasion, hacking.

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