If you still have the original Deus Ex on your PC, there's new content waiting for you today. A fan mod called Nihilum, featuring a brand-new campaign, has been completed after years of development.

"In 2049, unsavory conditions are rampant throughout the world," reads the synopsis on ModDDB. "As soon as it becomes clear that a terrorist attack in Shenzhen, China, was carried out by perpetrators with ties to international groups and that Hong Kong may be their next target - the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO) dispatches their first nano-augmented agent, Mad Ingram, into the city to prevent the situation from escalating any further."

Nihilum's creator says that the game isn't meant to reinvent the original RPG/shooter. If you want that, you might be better off playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Nihilum instead is envisioned as an expansion pack to Deus Ex in terms of gameplay and story.

The new campaign is about 7-13 hours long, depending on how much you explore the game world. There are over 2,200+ lines of dialogue, with more than 3.5 hours of audio. The 80-track soundtrack is completely new as well.

You can download Deus Ex here for no charge.

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