Devil May Cry Trailer Features A Naked Dante Who Might Be Gay?

If you've ever been curious to see some of Dante's pubic hair in regions you thought were off limits, well the newest trailer from Ninja Theory for the upcoming Devil May Cry leaves very, very, very little to the imagination.

While I always thought that the original Dante was more of a lady's man, this newest Dante seems to be quite the opposite. Several of the hints and teases throughout the promotional campaign, including a blatant comment from a newscaster just "doing God's work" in the latest trailer for Devil May Cry, sort of lends itself in favor of Dante possibly being more of a man's man, if you know what I mean...*wink* *wink*

I don't know if Ninja Theory is just having fun at the expense of core DMC fans or if they're trying to attract a different kind of demographic but you certainly can't argue that Capcom and Ninja Theory haven't kicked up a ton of fuss over all of this Devil May Cry re-imagining.

The Emo-Dante in the trailer above comes across as a confused and angry young lad and based on the direction their taking this character I wouldn't be surprised if he's batting for the home team this time around.

Anyways, you can check out more about Devil May Cry over at the Official Website. I'm sure we'll get a concrete release date soon but we do know for a fact that the game will be arriving for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Also, huge props to Ninja Theory for the environmental deformation effects, they look absolutely marvelous.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.