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It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from the Dishonored camp but, as of today, we now know plenty of details concerning the second bit of DLC for the game, “The Knife of Dunwall.” For starters, it’s coming out on April 16 for $10 on PC and the PlayStation 3, or 800 MSP for the Xbox 360.

If you haven’t finished Dishonored yet, or perhaps plan on playing it someday, then you might want to just pretend the rest of this article doesn’t exist. Suffice it to say that The Knife of Dunwall continues the main game’s story and, as of today, Bethesda has announced that a third bit of DLC, “The Brigmore Witches,” is another story-driven offering slated for release sometime in the future that will wrap up protagonist Daud’s story within the game world.

Okay, so, once Daud gets all stabby-stabby on the Empress, it’s time for the assassin to redeem himself for past sins. The only thing you know is that said redemption can be obtained through “Delilah.” But who, or what, Delilah may be is a mystery. My guess: She’s a magical whale. The reasoning for my guess: None whatsoever.

For 10 bucks, players will gain access to Daud’s weapons, gadgets and super-sweet abilities, as well as a group of new allies, a collection of assassins calling themselves The Whalers. See! I knew my whale prediction was headed somewhere!

We’re only about a month out from The Knife of Dunwall’s April 16 release date, so get those blades nice and sharp and hone those supernatural abilities. It’s almost go time.

For more info feel free to visit the game's official website.