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While Tom Clancy’s The Division is all about the fall of humanity, sales figures have been on the rise for this open-world survival shooter. According to Ubisoft, the game is actually breaking records for the publisher.

According to a press release from Ubisoft, The Division has broken the company’s record for most copies sold in the first 24 hours following launch. Arriving on March 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, The Division drops players into Manhattan following the collapse of society due to a deadly virus. Several factions are fighting for control of the city, with some looking to see the world burn as others fight to save what little humanity remains in this world gone mad.

An open-world third-person shooter, players carry out their own campaign and side missions on a map shared by other players, similar to what we’ve seen these past couple of years in Destiny. You can team up with your fellow survivors, work together or even turn your back on your teammates; whatever it takes to survive.

According to Ubisoft Massive studio Managing Director David Polfeldt, the team is “extremely happy” with how well The Division is selling.
The Division represents Ubisoft at its best, with the Massive team and all the teams at our associate studios working at maximum capacity in highly-productive collaboration to deliver an incredibly innovative and entertaining new game.

Fans appear to agree with that statement, as physical and virtual copies have apparently been jumping off of the shelf. As the announcement goes on to explain, The Division also broke Ubisoft’s record for most full-game digital sales across all three platforms.

We’re excited to see the game doing so well, especially since it was a big gamble on the part of Ubisoft and, even though it took a longer time than expected to get out the door, they managed to pull it off. Some server issues have popped up in these first couple of days, but that’s to be expected of just about any online game, especially one that relies so heavily on staying connected. The only real gripe that we’re consistently seeing is that, with hit detection occurring between player-controlled characters, some folks are frustrated that they have to wait in line to talk to an NPC. There’s also apparently an issue with trolls leaving their characters standing in a spot that makes it difficult to reach some NPCs.

Otherwise, fans seem to be enjoying the post-apocalyptic world Ubisoft has provided in The Division. That’s the buzz around the web, anyway, as reviews from professional outlets are still largely missing due to the fact that the servers only went live on launch day (two days ago) and, thus, nobody could assess the game until now.

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