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Are you one of the long-time Devil May Cry fans who hates Dante's new appearance in the reboot? Well, then, the upcoming DmC: Devil May Cry Alternate Costume Pack is for you. It includes a "classic" skin for Dante.

DmC, in addition to creating a brand new storyline, remade Dante's look. The new Dante had cropped black hair and an overall younger appearance. This caused some uproar among fans, some of whom even sent death threats to Ninja Theory.

The Classic Dante costume is based on his appearance in Devil May Cry 3 so he'll have his signature white locks and red trenchcoat. The other two costumes, Dark Dante and Neo Dante, more closely resemble his new teeny bopper look.

The costume pack will hit PS3 and Xbox 360 on January 29th in North America and on the 30th in Europe. It will cost $4, or 320 MS Points to download. PC gamers, meanwhile, can get the DLC for free by pre-purchasing on Steam before the game's January 25th launch on that platform.

If you'd rather not pay for any DLC, note that DmC will be receiving a free content update as well. The Bloody Palace mode DLC will be arriving in the near future. Furthermore, gamers who pre-ordered through GameStop will be able to download the Vergil's Downfall for free.