January 15th is fast approaching in just two weeks and to help promote the game's upcoming release Capcom let loose a new cinematic featuring Dante walking through a city as it breaks apart with demons running rampant. It's an action-packed trailer aimed at reeling gamers in for that day-one buy.

Devil May Cry follows emo Dante on his journey of growing up as an orphaned and angry child, hunting demons along the way. Players will encounter all sorts of bizarre demonic abominations that they must lay waste to using Dante's signature flash-and-slash moves as well as his patented Devil Trigger. You can check out the action in the trailer below.

A lot of core fans haven't been digging the new Devil May Cry from Ninja Theory, complaining both about emo Dante and the game's drop from 60fps down to 30fps with “blur” enhancements made to compensate for the graphical upgrade over the framerate drop.

Nevertheless, Gaming Blend's own Pete Haas and a few other reviewers are already thinking this game will blow your socks off. So maybe you shouldn't blow the game off until you play a bit more of it. For those of you hung up on the 60fps...well, that's a fair argument there since there's no amount of visual enhancements to compensate for the frame drop.

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