After releasing on Xbox Live Arcade a couple of weeks ago, Kalypso Media has announced that it's four-player arena thief battle game, Dollar Dash is now headed to the PlayStation Network. Look for it on Sony's home console come March 19th.

Designed as a four-player party game, Dollar Dash tasks you and a group of friends with collecting the most cash. Taking on the role of a bunch of thieves, you'll do anything within your power to swipe the goods before your cohorts, including set traps and unload on your enemies with a wide variety of weaponry. The art style is straight-up cartoon mischief, though, similar to Sly Cooper, so don't go in expecting over-the-top blood and violence like God of War: Ascension or whatever. Your job is to pick up heaping bags of cash (either lying around or stolen from an opponent you just hit with a giant firecracker) and make it back to the scoring zone before someone else manages to steal the loot from you as well.

On offer are 18 multiplayer maps and lots of customization options to help your crook stand out from the pack. For more details, visit the game's official website.

Already breaking the law on the Xbox 360, Dollar Dash finally hits the PlayStation 3 on March 19. While the game itself is all about getting away with the goods free and clear, however, you're going to have to fork over $9.99 to add it to your own game collection.

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