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A sort of leaderboard-esque, MMO-type boss grind feature has been announced for Dragon's Dogma, which is due out later this month. The feature is called a Ur-Dragon and it's an event mode that sees players fighting tooth-and-nail to reap some sweet rewards from the epic boss.

Capcom announced that the Ur-Dragon event mode will be included with the game, surprisingly not as DLC or disc-locked content (which to Capcom, is effectively the same thing). It sometimes boggles my mind how the company decides to do what they do to certain games while obviously nickel and diming gamers in other titles.

Anyways, Dragon's Dogma seems to be shaping up to be a really cool game and the Ur-Dragon event mode could make it that much better. The dragon boss is extremely difficult to beat and gamers will have to team up with other Pawns (or players) via Xbox Live or PSN to duke it out against the Ur-Dragon. Those who are successful will be rewarded with some rare gear and useful items, as well as have their name plastered all up over the leaderboard to let everyone know that they defeated a Ur-Dragon.

Now, for those of you who may seem a little peeved that the Ur-Dragon event mode is meant to be played online and you're not keen on playing online, well there's good news. Capcom was actually nice enough to allow offline gamers or solo-players to try their hand at the Ur-Dragon event mode, too. In an age riddled with grandiose DLC schemes, online passes and disc-locked content, I'm actually shocked this added mode is in the game without an additional surcharge or service fee. It's just so unlike Capcom.

Anyways, you can look for the Ur-Dragon event to launch with the game here in North America beginning May 22nd. The game is scheduled to launch in Japan on May 24th and in Europe on May 25th.

For more info feel free to visit the Official Dragon's Dogma Website.

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