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The PlayStation Plus iteration of Driveclub has been long-rumored to arrive at some point for PlayStation 4 owners, but it hasn't done so... yet. Well, according to Evolution Studios they're putting the final touches on the PS Plus edition of Dirveclub and that version of the game could be launching soon for PS4 owners.

VG 24/7 caught tweets from the game director of Evolution Studios, Paul Rustchynsky, who mentioned that the team is putting the final touches on the PS Plus rendition of PS4 racer Driveclub.

This has been the talk of the town since the PS4 was first announced. Driveclub has had a rocky development road toward its initial release, and when it first launched it had the trouble of being criticized for being an unfinished product at release. The game was a little paltry on the content side when it first rolled out but it was visually one of the best looking games on the market for home consoles.

Visually, Driveclub and Project CARS have been pitted up against each other, head-to-head, and under some conditions many gamers have opted in favor of Driveclub looking like the better game, especially when it comes to the rain effects. However, rain effects and visually striking graphics aren't enough to keep the game from coming under the criticism of people who are still holding Sony to the promise of a PS Plus edition of Driveclub for those subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

VG 24/7 comments on the possibility that the PS Plus edition of Driveclub could drop at E3 this year during Sony's conference. That would probably make the most sense in terms of finally getting the PS Plus version out there. However, if that version doesn't become available during E3 then I have no idea when it will release.

Some people assume that with the latest update for the game going live and a number of fixes and Challenges being made available in the game that could reflect big things on the horizon. Also back on June 1st, PS LifeStyle reported on update 1.16 for Driveclub, which included a small blurb about the developers fixing up the game's technical stability in preparation for the PlayStation Plus Edition.

Again, how true that holds to any sort of reasonable time-frame for the version to release to the public is completely up in the air. That could mean next week, it could mean the week thereafter or a few months from now.

One thing was made clear and it's that the companion app will arrive after the long-rumored PS Plus edition, with Evolution Studios stating...
The companion app will come after the PS+ Edition as we continue to improve server performance.

One big question that still remains: even if the PS Plus edition finally does launch, what will that really do for a game that's already been on the market for almost a year and doesn't have the best of reputations as a racing sim in the racing sim community?
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